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Types of Eye Care Professionals

There are many types of eye care professions, but many people don’t know the difference. Right from detection of eye problems, the recommendation of eyeglasses and surgery there are professionals who have learnt the skills needed in each area.

It is important to know the different type of eye professionals so that next type you have an eye condition you know the right person to visit.

Understanding the different eye


This is an eye care professional who has learnt the function, structure and disease of the eyes. xdnsghfdgfsfThis is the first person who you should see if you doubt that you have an eye problem. An ophthalmologist will detect eye problems and diseases and treat them.

In cases where glasses or contact lenses he/she will prescribe the right kind of glasses for you. An ophthalmologist is a medic who has specialized in eye care and has taken the time to focus on the function over the years. In many countries, this professionals have a degree in medicine.


This is another eye professional who specializes in identifying eye defects and impairments. He may still treat infections and diseases, but the main function is looking for eye impairments and defects of the eye structure. These are people who treat all problems that are associated with the poor functioning of the eyes.

Conditions like blurry vision and conditions due to old age are taken to the optometrist. To treat such condition, they use a combination of medical procedures although sometimes they may prescribe glasses or lenses depending on the condition.


According to the layman’s language, this is the person who gives you glasses after you have been attended by the ophthalmologist and optometrist. Most opticians must work in close association with the above two specialists for purposes of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and impairments.

Most of the time Opticians are responsible for giving continued care after the patient has been treated. They monitor the progress of treatment given by optometrist and ophthalmologist.

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This is the senior of all the eye specialists, and his/her work is to perform eye surgeries. Eye surgery is a very sensitive procedure, and these professional need to be trained well in performing such procedures. They usually receive a recommendation from optometrist and ophthalmologist who refer patients to them for eye surgery. They will access the problem and consider the type of eye problem ideal for a patient.…

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