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The importance of staying healthy

Taking care of one’s health is an imperative part of living a happy life. If you are having any symptoms that you feel maybe an illness or disease you should contact a doctor at the sierra integrative medical center immediately. In this article, we will look at a few things you can do to keep your home and surroundings conducive to living a healthy life.


There is an old saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. What this means is that a clean environment will keep you from contracting any illnesses. Bacteria and viruses are caused when you live in a place that is not clean. Bacteria forms in damp and dark places that are not cleaned often. Mosquitoes and rodents can carry viruses, and they will only be around places that are unclean. If you have any place in your home or garden that collects trash, has stagnant water, you should clean them up immediately.

Eat healthy food

Many people forget that a balanced and nutritious diet helps the immune system. Your immune system is what fights off attacks from viruses and bacterias. If it is not strong, you can fall ill quickly and end up having to go to the doctor all the time.


Staying healthy means keeping your body in good shape too. You must always set aside some time to workout so that your body can be in optimum condition. Do not ignore this fact because if you are weak, your body will not be able to fight off illnesses.

Have a family doctor

AA04It is always good to have a family physician for all those in your household. If you have a medical professional who knows the history of all your family members, it is easy to get the right help in case someone does get ill. You can contact a few clinics in your area and find a doctor who has experience working as a family physician. Make sure he can be on call in case you have an emergency and that he lives close to your home.

The doctor you select, should be patient, understanding and take his time to understand each person and also any genetic conditions the family may have. He should also have the right knowledge on the latest viruses and bacteria related illnesses so that he can always offer the right treatment for your entire family. The clinic should be well equipped in case there are any accidents so that you can get the care you need.…

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Essential Oils For Allergies

Individuals who suffer from allergies are normally urged to stay away from triggers. However, that is hardly possible when the seasons are constantly changing, and our immune systems are incapacitated by environmental toxins and the food industry.

Luckily, a number of potent essential oils provide a much safer and natural way to treat effectively the symptoms of allergies and subsequently improve our immune systems.

How essential oils suppress allergies

basil-932079_640One of the core benefits of using essential oils is their ability to boost an individual’s immune system and also fight inflammation.

Essential oils for allergies assist in detoxifying the body and fight parasites, bacteria, infections, harmful toxins and microorganisms.

They help reduce the body’s susceptibility to external sources and also reduce the immune system’s overreaction when it encounters a harmless intruder.

Some extraordinary essential may even work to alleviate respiratory conditions and increase urination and perspiration- which helps in eliminating harmful toxins.

Below are the top 5 essential oils for allergy support:

Basil Oil

Basil oil helps in reducing the inflammatory response of invading allergens.

It also offers support to the adrenal glands that play a role in producing up to 50 different hormones that are crucial in driving almost every bodily function.

Fundamentally, basil essential oils help your body respond appropriately to a threat by instantly rushing blood to organs such as your muscles, brain and heart.

Additionally, basil essential oil helps in detoxifying the body of viruses and bacteria, while fighting fatigue, pain and inflammation.

Peppermint oil

Inhaling peppermint essential oil can sometimes instantly unclog the sinuses and help in treating scratchy throats.

Peppermint oil can work as an expectorant and helps in fighting allergies, as well as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds and sinusitis.

It also helps in reducing inflammation- the main cause of allergic reactions and discharging phlegm.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil assists in overcoming respiratory conditions and also supports the lymphatic system drainage.

Medical research shows that it improves the immune system and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

When diffused, lemon oil can help in eliminating allergy triggers floating in the air and also kill bacteria.


Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil helps in opening up the sinuses and lungs, thus improving circulation and significantly reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Studies show that it provides a cold sensation in the nose that greatly improves airflow.

It also acts as an expectorant, helping in the elimination of toxins and harmful microorganisms from the body.

Tea tree oil

This particular oil has the power to destroy airborne pathogens that trigger allergies.

Diffused tea tree oil helps in killing fungi, bacteria or mold.

It can be applied to the skin to kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria and can also be used as a household cleaning agent to eliminate allergens and disinfect the house.…

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The difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10

What is the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10.?

This is probably the question that led you here.

There are many differences between the ICD-9 and ICD-10.

The are many medical professionals who have decided to stick to ICD-9 by ignoring the benefits of ICD-10.

The new set of codes has may advantages over the older one.

If you are still not sure whether you should switch to ICD-10, here are the top reasons why you should switch as soon as possible;


1. ICD-9 is not detailed enough to give accurate descriptions of modern medical procedures and services

ICD is old and outdated. It can cannot keep up with the modern medical procedures and services.

There have been many improvements in the medical world over the past 30 years.

There is no way that something that was created over 30 years ago will still be relevant in today’s world.

The fact that ICD-9 was built over 30 years ago makes it unsuitable in today’s medical world.

doctor-patient-1080408_19202. ICD-9 produces incorrect and limited patent data

This is one of the reasons why ICD-10 was developed in the first place.

ICD-9 gives patient data that is incorrect.

This makes it impossible for patients to receive the treatments that they need.

It also provides limited data.

Without adequate data, it is very difficult to come up with the best way to provide a patient what exactly what he/she needs.

3. ICD-9 makes use of antiquated terminology

The ICD-9 uses outdated terminologies.

This make it difficult for users to understand even the simplest things.

4. ICD-10 proves greater opportunity to provide evidence based treatmentsurgery-880584_1280

The king of information that can be obtained from ICD-9 make it very difficult for clinicians to provide treatment that is based on evidences.

With the ICD-10, they are able to gather all the data they need to be able to provide evidence based treatment to their patients.

This helps to make it possible for clinicians to get things right the first time.

5. ICD-10 makes it easier for medical professionals to provide detailed supporting documents

Since the medical professionals are able to get adequate data when using ICD-10 than the information that could be obtained when using ICD-9, they are able to provide detailed supporting documents when they are required.

ICD-10 has helped to make it possible for clinicians to support their decisions or actions.

The clinicians can justify everything they do than to the accurate data that is provide by ICD-10.
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