Get to Know Your Food Ingredients

Your body is an amazing mechanism. The way it works, grow, and function is impressive. How the air that you breathe can help you to think, and the water and food can be the source for your body to grow and move. Knowing what you put in your body is essential if you care about taking care of your health, which you should. Living once does not mean that you should be an ignorant that lives without doing the responsibilities that you have to do, but it is all about doing your best because you only have one shot and one chance to make it in this life. Be aware of what you are putting in your body because health is not something that you want to take for granted. Get to know more about you food ingredients so you can get familiar with what you have been eating all this time.


Though the word might sound foreign to you, it is not something that you have not tasted before. Usually, you can find carrageenan in ice cream, cream soup, yogurt, pudding, and many other foods that can use help from thickening agent. This ingredient comes from red seaweed that is dried and eventually becomes powder, find out more about carrageenan information and educate yourself on what you want to use in your meal and will not.


Commonly made out of butter, flour, egg, and yeast, there are many kinds of bread that you can buy at the grocery store or the bakeries. Either you love it, or you are just okay with it, some people can not live without having it for breakfast, and some would be just fine with not having it around.


milkTypically milk is something that mammals produce, just like cow milk and goat milk. But there are other types of milk that you can drink without having to contribute to the cruel dairy industry such as almond and soy milk for example.


white riceKnown as an Asian thing to eat, rice is very delicious and goes along well with many other foods. Not to mention that it is easy to cook as well, all you need to do is put a cup of rice and fill it with water to leave later until the rice has cooked. Any dish that you can think of that does not have carbs in it, will go perfectly with rice from stew to vegetables.