Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushions

Posture support, pressure relief and comfort is provided to both children and adults as users by these pressure relieving wheelchair cushions. To the individuals who require these pressure relieving wheelchair cushions are indispensable to them. The user positioning is the determining factor to both function and comfort. A seat cushion should be able to provide the following; a support base which is stable, safety to muscular and skeletal structures and stability from the movement of limbs and trunks can originate. The risk of tissue trauma can be reduced by an excellent cushion surface. The following are types of Pressure relieving wheelchair cushions available in the market;


Foam wheelchair cushions

kjjkkjkjkjkjkjkkOver the years the foam cushions have been developed since they can be carved easily and molded so that contours are created. The surface area is increased by the development of viscoelastic foams. For the cushions to maintain its shape, foams are layered of various densities are considered. Foam cushions are mostly used because it is light in weight, maintenance is not required, and the cost is budget friendly. Foams with breathable features are applied nowadays to allow for custom contoured cushions reducing the chances of heat buildup. In areas experiencing cold climatic conditions, these cushions should not be left since they are temperature sensitive.

Medical gel cushions and seat pads

For the people who are at the risk of ongoing tissue damage, the combination of high density memory foam and gel fluid is an ideal to be considered because of its comfortability features. These kinds of pressure relieving wheelchair cushions is popular in the market scene. It is light in weight, needs low maintenance, designed for optimal body positioning and is filled with gel are some of the advantages and the reasons why it is preferred by majority of the people. For the individuals who spend long periods on a wheelchair, gel cushions for pressure sore are an excellent choice since they are pain saving devices.

Air filled wheelchair cushions

lkklklkllklklnnbbThe ideal medium for immersion is offered by the air. The air for stability is contained for the limitation purposes. The majority of wheelchair cushions available have employed the combination of the positive use of flotation technology while instability is limited to the surface through air which is contained in quadrants and pockets. The buildup of moisture and heat is decreased by the air. These air cushions are light in weight but maintenance is needed.