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How to known if you are suffering from acid refulx

Most of us may have experienced it, and none of us enjoy the sensation of acid reflux but how do you know if that is exactly the problem and what can you do to remedy it. Here are some symptoms that you may be suffering from it and what you can do to counter the situation. You will also find out if suppression of reflux instead of acid blockers should be taken depending on your medical condition.

How to identify

In today’s modern world, as around three out of ten people experience mfdumdsheartburn, and this is what many┬ápeople call acid reflux. The condition occurs when an irritation affects a person’s stomach acid in the stomach lining. Many people dismiss the condition as they only experience it for a short while, but it can actually have grave consequences including stomach cancer.

Symptoms of acid reflux include prolonged burping, chest pain, bad breath, difficulty in swallowing, sore throat and regurgitation. Normally it is easy to diagnose, and you should consult a doctor in case you experience any of the above symptoms repeatedly. If your doctor diagnoses you with acid reflux disease, then you have to consider the treatment possible.

Using an antacid

Generally, for mild conditions, an antacid can be used, but in case your condition is severe your doctor will perform a test which involves a barium swallow and x ray to access the extent of the situation. If your situation is severe, you may have to admit yourself in a hospital, but an antacid is sufficient for mild cases.

How to avoid the condition

mdtumdAcid reflux is mostly caused when we sleep or lie down immediately after a meal. However, abnormal stomach conditions, smoking, and pregnancy can also cause it.

It is advised that you do not sleep after a heavy meal and avoid big meals at night. Try to have your meals at meals 3 hours before you go to bed and a brisk walk after dinner is also helpful. Food that can trigger this condition is alcohol, coffee, tea, soda, fatty foods and many others. These foods should be taken in moderation and never before you go to sleep.

Watch your weight

Being overweight and eating too much can put you at risk of not only acid reflux but also cause cancer. Therefore, we advise you to watch your weight and exercise regularly so that you will not have to suffer from this condition.…

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